Super Simple Nanoreds Berry Popsicles

Super Simple Nanoreds Berry Popsicles

These yummy popsicles made with nanoreds are easy to prepare and are packed full of superfoods and antioxidants Plus, your kids will love them! 

Nanoreds is packed with super fruits and vegetables, with a concentration on high-antioxidant berries. We didn't stop there; we added resveratrol for anti-aging and a highly bioavailable vitamin C to keep your body going strong.

This natural resveratrol supplement is able to do all of this without added sugar, artificial colors, preservatives, soy, gluten or genetically modified ingredients. It's hard to believe it is only 45 calories and has a delicious, natural berry taste but it's true!
When you take antioxidant resveratrol supplements, you want to make sure that you are getting the most from the product. nanoreds utilizes our SuperSorb technology to effectively deliver the highest amount of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients into your system.
You only need two ingredients: 3 scoops nanoreds and 2 oz coconut water (or plain filtered water, if you prefer)
Mix both ingredients together with a whisk. Once well combined, pour into popsicle molds. Put in freezer to set. Enjoy! 

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